Meet Gay Copenhagen

Home hosted dinners



Dear William,
Thank you for a most informative walking tour, not only about the rich history of Copenhagen and the daily life of Copenhageners, but also an introductory Danish language lesson too! Appreciate being shown the little details.
You’re most accommodating and it was such a delightful day.
Highly recommended!
Kind regards,

A. from Australia, September 2015


Dear N & L
J. and I wanted to thank you both for such a wonderful and memorable dinner on Thursday.  It was so lovely to meet you both and get to know you, and we hope to stay in touch. It was truly a highlight of our trip and just amazing how much we feel connection and kinship with the Danes from just our (relatively) brief introduction this week.
We hope you’ll let us know when you’re next in New York.  Happy travels in the season ahead!
All our best,

J. and N. from USA, September 2015


William — thanks so much for arranging a lovely evening! The food was wonderful and K. was a perfect host.
kind regards,

R.J. and two friends from USA, July 2015

I was made very welcome at  flat of my hosts – in terms of meeting the Danes I was surprised to see that flats can be quite small spaces but they have put their own stamp on it – they have a beautiful home.
I was served a delicious meal with carefully chosen wines and even special coffee from Thailand – it was evident that they had gone to a lot of trouble – they were very generous and kind hosts.  I have asked for the recipe for the applesauce dessert, unless it’s Mum’s or a family secret?
Given that we were all “virgins” it was an enjoyable evening – my friend in the UK was pleased to receive my sms/text with our agreed safe word “mackerel” and to know that all was well as there had been some caution/nerves about meeting strangers – of course with hindsight I need not have had any concerns!

D. from UK, September 2014


We met with the gals last night… It was the best of Scandinavia. We enjoyed our evening so much and want to continue our friendship with these bright, interesting women. Also want to tell you that you are doing very important work..making the world closer. I wish we had this in the states. How did you set it up? With our thanks…K and R

K. and R from USA,  May 2014

Thank you again for a wonderful evening – it was great spending time with you and S.  I will let you know if I am able to get something similar started around here.


P. M. from USA, August 2013


I would like to express my gratitude once again on matching me with such a gentle & delightful hosts during my visit, the time we spent together is absolutely memorable, and I am thrilled with the extra nice gesture that they did on celebrating my birthday which is certainly touching and respectful.  To me it’s a harmonious & delightful experience to see Copenhagen in another perspective, cultural or gay community wise, it’s a wonderful platform especially for someone who come from anywhere of the world, having such a multicultural hosts and welcome someone from Asia (or somewhere) is a big step to open up your vision and eagerness to share your culture & world with others, it really makes the traveller more like going home with such warm welcome and acceptance.

C.W. from Hong Kong, July 2013


Dinner tonight was wonderful, my hosts were perfect in every way. The meal and company were superb, and you matched us very well!
Thanks for this excellent service,

Best regards,
Gary,  from San Francisco, April 2013


My Partner and I wish to extend a very special thank-you to you and Meet Gay Copenhagen. We had a wonderful dinner with A. J. on 10/22/05 and it was the highlight of our entire trip! She is a wonderful person and we enjoyed our evening with her very much! We made a new friend and plan to stay in touch.

Meet Gay Copenhagen is truly a great thing. It is one thing to visit a city, but to have the opportunity to meet and dine with a local adds so much to the visit. I can’t thank you enough. My partner and I would like to reciprocate. In the future, if you should know of anyone from your area who is coming to Denver, CO, we would enjoy hosting a dinner for them. Please keep my e-mail address and let me know if such an occasion arises. We would love to welcome someone the way Anne welcomed us.

Thanks again and all our best to you.
Denise  & Jolinda


The dinner with Johnnie and Rene was a highlight of my trip. They could not have been nicer. I would like to send them a proper thank-you by way of regular mail–could you send me their complete home address (I am sorry I did not take note of it while I was there). Meet Gay Copenhagen is a very special service–thank-you for making it possible.

Best regards,